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Chaos' Team 2 of 2 by goth-chan Chaos' Team 2 of 2 by goth-chan
Theia-Left. Phaeton-Right.

Sailors Theia and Phaeton are part of Sailor Chaos' Team. Yes, Chaos has a team. Why not? Even the epitome of Darkness needs partners/ people to work for "him". No, Chaos is actually friends with these two, as well as the other two members of his team.
As for why the team is called "Forgotten" is because well, according to science, neither planet exists, (at least not anymore). . . and the other reasons are on the other half of the team's picture.
Soo. . . How are Theia and Phaeton still around if their planets are not?? It's because Theia (planet) crashed into Earth, pretty much chipped away, and became our moon. Therefore, Theia still, by a technicality, exists. So Sailor Theia does as well, her essence only kept by what's now the Moon.
As for Sailor Phaeton, she still exists thanks to the Asteroid Belt (Because Phaeton was destroyed, how I don't know, and broke up into what our asteroids are.) At least, that's how I see it happening. . .

Sailor Theia
Name: Oujino Tasekai (written the Japanese way)
Meaning: Other Worlds Past
Senshi of: Theia
Element: Plant Life
Birthday: January 23 - Aquarius
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark Green
Eyes: Brown
Fuku: Honey Brown w/ Medium Blue
Tiara: Gold
Team: Forgotten Senshi
(I know her hair looks like Neptune's!!! It's supposed to be that way, but if you look, it's longer than Nept's)

Sailor Phaeton
Name: Tenjoukai Hasamaru
Meaning: Between Celestial Worlds
Senshi of: Phaeton
Element: Precious Metals
Birthday: October 15 - Libra
Gender: Male
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Navy Blue
Fuku: Silver w/ Gold
Tiara: Silver
Team: Forgotten Senshi
(Don't even ask "Is that really a guy?" because she is a he when not a senshi. [Like the StarLights in the Anime Version] I get sick of people doing that.)
Go Here for the 1st picture: [link]

Sailor Moon & SM Universe (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Sailors Theia & Phaeton, Forgotten Senshi (c) Me
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April 7, 2010
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